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ATPE Foundation ... Dedicated to the advancement of public education and the success of Texas schoolchildren through literacy initiatives, technology programs and educator recruitment and retention efforts.

Support programs and services that promote recruitment and retention of educators. Provide funding to acquire literacy resources for educational purposes in Texas public schools.


Provide students with access to computer resources.

The ATPE Foundation Will Help Pay for Your Classroom Projects on!

Do you need classroom supplies? Do you have a great idea for a class project, but lack resources? You can make your classroom dreams a reality thanks to a new partnership between and the ATPE Foundation!

The ATPE Foundation is offering a 50% match on ATPE member projects (the total funding request should not exceed $400). Perhaps your students need updated technology resources, beakers for the science lab, or beanbags for reading time. Share that request on and the donations you receive from supporters will go further, thanks to the ATPE Foundation. Projects that qualify for this 50% match offer will appear on the site as half-off with the ATPE Foundation logo on the project page. But, the match is only applied to projects if donors fund the other 50% before the grant runs out or before the project expires.

For example, a qualifying project of $400 will be listed as needing only $200, thanks to the offer. Once the remaining $200 is given by other donors, it "unlocks" the ATPE Foundation Double Your Impact offer, the funding is applied, and the project is fully funded.

Wondering how to take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

In order for a project to qualify for the ATPE Foundation’s matching funds:

  1. The project must be submitted by a self-identified ATPE member. Please use the words “ATPE member” in the project description in order to link your project with the ATPE Foundation.
  2. The total funding request, including both the fee of $30 and the “optional” Donors Choose donation fee, should not exceed $400.
  3. The project must meet eligibility requirements found here.

Getting started is easy! Head over to Donors Choose now. The website will walk you through the process of selecting materials for your students and provide tips for inspiring donors to give.

Grab the attention of donors!

“As a proud ATPE member, I am excited that the ATPE Foundation has partnered with to provide a Double Your Impact Match for our school project. What this means is that this project will automatically be funded up to $200, so we are at least halfway to our goal! Funding is limited, so time is of the essence. Please donate today and help us reach our goal!”

Over seventy percent of projects on are fully funded—make your classroom project the next.

The ATPE Foundation was established in 2000 by the Association of Texas Professional Educators, the state’s leading educators’ association and the largest independent association for public school educators in the nation.